Casio Casiotron QW02-26G (02-505) Gold

Casio Casiotron QW02-26G – 1

The Casiotron QW02 was the first watch released by Casio.

Arguably the most beautiful and luxurious Casiotron is the Casiotron QW02-26G (02-505), which was offered in the mid-1970s at the proud price of ¥ 98,000. Today, this watch in unworn condition is probably priceless.

A high-quality stainless-steel design with mineral glass, a screw-down case back, and an original leather bracelet featuring a signed buckle. It houses an extremely rare pre-production module powered by 2 batteries.

The module/movement 02 (as well as 01, 03, and 04) was still a prototype and was soldered by hand.

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